In the 365 Family Dinners & Devotions Cookbook Kathleen Y’Barbo presents, as the title indicates, three-hundred-sixty-five recipes for every day of the year. The pages are not numbered, but you can find the recipes by the day of the calendar on the top of the pages. The book is inexpensively produced by a publishing company (and though the website of the publisher is given, it is inaccessible) on inexpensive paper stock without illustrations. Each page of the year has one recipe followed by a scripture quotation from the Bible (from three different versions). The quotations are followed by a paragraph of personal messages of faith vaguely related to the quote. The recipes are very simple, very basic (reminiscent of recipes of the sixties), and even a non-cook could follow them. Y’Barbo uses lot of prepared ingredients in her recipes and minimal spicing. For example, French green beans have three ingredients; curry dip has four. The ingredient listings have occasional errors. Not many cooks would benefit from having this cookbook in the kitchen. Perhaps church fund raisers would be able to sell this cookbook if it could be obtained at a deep discount. The index is by meal items (appetizers, salads, sweets, etc).

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