Here is a very cute candy-making cookbook overwhelmed with fun illustrations, looking like a comic book. Author Annie Taylor created an unusual cookbook (presumably her own artistic creation) featuring her favorites: candy making. Since she is also a vegan avoiding all animal products (including only using a vegan pastry brush) thus A Vegan Candy Cookbook is for the rather limited cooks who like to make their own candies and are vegan.

Candy making is both art and science, difficult, and it is not for the timid or inexperienced cook. Both ingredients and equipment must be strictly according to instructions to avoid failure. Taylor did a very nice job with her detailed introduction (some seventy pages) before her collection of recipes. She imitates the most popular commercial candy bars, giving them cutesy names like Snackers, SoymilkyWay and GoodyGoodybar. The pages are so heavily illustrated that the reader may feel overwhelmed and somewhat confused. But the recipe instructions are good and easily followed, though complex and difficult, only for the expert candy makers. You must have a good vegan source for ingredients such as substituting whipped egg whites with Aquafaba, for instance.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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