Here is a truly awesome cookbook for children of any age as soon as the child can reach the counter. Baking Class by Deanna Cook is a must in the kitchen, even though your child may not show any interest in kitchen work and cooking. One look at the book and you may have a budding young chef ready to put on an apron. For those children who still haven’t shown much interest, there are easy recipes, not much more than toasting slices of bread in the toaster oven. But with Cook’s easy-to-follow instructions, even the toast will come out unusual with little effort. She marks each recipe with a rolling pin symbol according to difficulty: one is really easy (like personalized toasts) and three rolling pins indicate tougher recipes like yeast breads and gingersnaps. Cook starts with a long introduction as Lesson 1, introducing everything from hand washing through final cleanup. Every piece of kitchen equipment and all common baking ingredients are neatly pictured and labeled. The recipes are a series of step-by-step photos with good instructions under each. At the end of the book you’ll find serrated labels, cutout figures, and stencils. A truly great cookbook.

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