The annual Best Food Writing (published since 2000) is a collection of forty-eight short pieces all focusing on food, cooking, and drinks, all by different food writers. Holly Hughes has edited these and compiled the stories into eight varying categories such as “Down the Hatch,” “The Family Table,” and “Life, on a Plate.” These are not new, fresh stories—all were previously published in some printed form or online magazine. Hughes simply collected the best ones she could find and collated them for readers who enjoy good food writing.

Most of these are short pieces, around two pages long, but some go on for eight, ten, even as long as thirteen pages. Needless to say, the writings vary a lot from just okay to excellent and engaging. A few even include recipes (nothing exciting) like “Mom’s Meatballs” and “Better Than Sex Cake.” Each author is introduced by a brief paragraph below the story’s title. Topics vary across the spectrum: how to write a cookbook, mangoes in Vancouver, and meal-kit companies. If you are a foodie, you’ll enjoy reading these stories and parceling them out over weeks of reading.

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