Here is a no-nonsense cookbook with no fluff, no padding, nothing but a collection of good recipes. There is a brief introduction and measuring tips but otherwise no pantry items, no equipment needed, nothing but recipes—and they are very good. Not even the name of the author’s given, a mistake, and it is in a spiral ring binder, another mistake, as this cookbook, Best of Bridge Weekday Suppers, will be frequently used and pages will likely come loose. The chapters are according to the courses of the meal and, wisely, recipes are listed in front of every chapter for your ease in selection. They are not hard, though not for the beginner cooks; they’re easy to follow with well-written instructions and many useful tips. Both metric and American measurements are given with the list of ingredients but no unnecessary cook/prep times, headnotes, or nutritional information. Ingredients are readily available. Each recipe is laid out nicely to be cook-friendly, and many are illustrated with full-page color photos. Cross-referenced index is good. If you have a chance to purchase this book in hardcover edition, it would be a worthwhile investment.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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