This new cookbook will broaden your imagination about what Italian food is and can be through recipes from the innovative chefs at the Big Mamma restaurant group, who make traditional Italian dishes with a modern flair. Everything is here for recreating a splendid Italian meal at home, from appetizers to desserts, interspersed with helpful tips from the chefs on such topics as “How to Choose and Serve Fish” or “The Real Tomato Sauce” (which is surprisingly simple to make, but an essential component of many dishes). Every recipe is accompanied by a gorgeous, mouth-watering photo, which makes it really difficult to decide whether you should make burratelli (tortellini with burrata and tomatoes) or saltimbocca alla Romana (veal rolls with cheeses). Or maybe go straight for a dessert of profiteroles Napoletani. Pour yourself one of the many cocktails while you try to make up your mind. These are not speedy recipes; although many take less than an hour to prepare (some much less), several have quite a long cooking time to meld the flavors, but they are not particularly intricate or tricky for anyone with some kitchen experience. Italian food is a labor of love, so lean into it and enjoy the process and the delicious results.

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