This is an unusually good eBook that gives readers the pleasure of two, no three, unrelated subjects: awesome photography, many of which are impressive photos of African wildlife; a sophisticated cookbook filled with good recipes; and the reading of excellent, entertaining writing. Author Jamie Sparks excels in all three fields. As a recipe writer, she is a trained, highly respected chef, and as a photographer, her talent speaks in the gorgeous photos fit for exhibits. Since Tchad had been a French colony, many of the recipes are strongly influenced by French cooking, blended with African cuisine. Most recipes are not for the novice—they require a long list of ingredients, good kitchen skills, and patience. But there are many simple recipes (sautéed potatoes, pizza, muffins), and the instructions are well written (unfortunately, Sparks does not always adhere to the convention of listing ingredients in order of use). Sparks was a consultant chef in Camp Nomade, a luxury tented camp in Zakouma National Park. The text is filled with many stories, politics, economics, history, people, flora and fauna, and significantly, conservation.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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