Few readers know what Keto means. It took reading several pages of Easy Keto Desserts to understood that the Keto diet is a fad diet. Author Carolyn Ketchum should have defined the Keto diet within the first few paragraphs of this cookbook—she did not. Apart from this omission, the cookbook is excellent, and I would recommend it to those on the Keto diet; I don’t believe others would benefit.

Ketchum’s cookbook contains over forty illustrated pages, an extensive recipe collection, and a list of useful tips. To help the reader choose recipes, she uses five reference icons: small batch, feeds a crowd, almost instant—to name a few. She presents the recipes in seven chapters (cookies, cakes, frozen desserts). Each recipe lists prep time, cook time, and nutritional information. The recipe layouts are fantastic; Ketchum adds lovely photo illustrations throughout the book along with useful tips. The instructions are easy to follow, and the ingredients are readily available. Ketcham leaves no stone unturned, in closing, she presents a recipe index with thumbnail illustrations, “Recipe Quick Reference,” and a detailed general index.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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