Eat Dairy Free by Alisa Fleming is an amazing cookbook, especially because I have a dairy and egg allergy! I tried out a few recipes from the book because I really wanted to see if they were actually good compared to other dairy versions. So I set out to the task! These recipes were very well assembled and very nice and spread out so it wasn’t just one cuisine.

I love how Alisa wrote recipes ranging from American to Mediterranean. So the first recipe I decided to try out was the Shepherdess pie. And oh my gosh, it was AMAZING! I love potatoes sooo much! So when I realized that there were mashed potatoes in it, I was like, “I definitely have to try this one!” Usually I make super simple mashed potatoes–you know, the usual fake butter, rice milk, salt, and pepper. But when I tried putting chicken broth in it I internally screamed! I will never make potatoes the same way! Ever. Let me put this simply: Those. Were. The. Best. Potatoes. I’ve. Ever. Had! Okay, enough of my potato rambling. The other best part was that everyone in my family agreed that it was delicious, and they don’t even have allergies. The second thing I tried was the Milk Chocolate Cupcakes! Those were also awesome! I have never really personally loved coconuts, but these were really tasty! I guess these recipes have helped me adapt. I really enjoyed reading and trying out recipes from this cookbook! Thanks so much for sharing this cookbook with me! I can’t wait to try out the rest of the recipes. I already have them marked.

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