We are learning more every day about the dangers of the “standard American diet” filled with sugar, preservatives, and other food additives. It’s especially problematic for kids; foods that aren’t truly nourishing can lead to sleep issues, attention problems, and excess weight, among other things. But many parents struggle with feeding their kids nourishing, clean food, and that’s where a cookbook like Feeding the Future can help. Author Tali Shine and nutritional therapist Lohralee Astor have created a wide variety of kid-friendly recipes that are made with nutritious, whole foods and no refined sugar. Many are also free of certain common allergens, such as eggs, dairy, and gluten, and all are soy-free. There are drinks, including various smoothies and juices, breakfasts, snacks, and a wide variety of entrees: light lunches, such as Green Fritters; soups, such as Chicken Stew; dinners, such as Quinoa & Chickpea Burgers. There are even healthy sweets, like Chocolate Shortbread Cookies. Appetizing pictures make every recipe look delicious, while easy-to-follow instructions ensure great results every time. This is a cookbook parents will be excited to cook from.

Reviewed By: Holly Scudero

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