I am going to start out by saying that if you love the show Firefly, you should definitely own this cookbook, whether you like to cook or not. The author did an amazing job being true to the show and every recipe is from a particular character and written as they would speak. Even the font is perfect. She details where in the ‘Verse you would find the ingredients or where you would most likely find the recipe, whether it’s the border planets or the core planets, upper crust. I threw a little shindig and supplied the whole thing with recipes from this book, from Mal’s Haymaker Punch to the Blue Sun’s Canned Peach Cobbler and Inara’s Mandarin Salad. The food was delicious and being with others who enjoy the show as much as I do made it even better. Someday I will be brave enough to try and make River’s Ice Planets.

This cookbook is beautifully laid out and the recipes are easy to follow. I loved that I could throw a whole party only using recipes from this book. Every fan should own Firefly: The Big Damn Cookbook. You’ll feel like you are part of the crew on Serenity reliving all your favorite memories. And that would be just shiny.

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