If you would like to have a book about Southern Italy, but you have trouble deciding if you would like a history book or a book of beautiful photographs, or maybe a book that discusses cultural geography, but you’d also like to have a cookbook, this is the book for you. Author Katie Parla has managed to put together a most delightful book that combines all of the above into one gorgeous book filled with 85 mouth-watering recipes. She begins with how to stock your pantry with the necessary equipment and ingredients, then breaks the recipes into eight sections: starters; soups and stews; pasta; fish; meat; salads and side dishes; bread, foccacia, and pizza; desserts; and liquors and cocktails. Each recipe has, in addition to the usual information, a little story about the main ingredient or the region or some other related material. There are also essays scattered throughout on a variety of topics, such as “Mafia and Migrants” or “Christmas Eve” or “Wheats and Flours for Breads.” The writing is spectacular, the photographs are beautiful, and the whole package will tempt you to keep this one on the coffee table as often as the kitchen. Don’t miss it.

Reviewed By: Rosi Hollinbeck

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