Author Leela Cyd presents an incredibly beautiful cookbook of her favored recipes, based on foods she has sampled around the globe, to which she adds her own unique touch. The photography in this book is stunning, and every single picture exudes winsome seduction and charm. However, the recipes themselves are somewhat less appealing. That her favorite meal is breakfast is clear from this book; the breakfast recipes are all delicious and can be readily prepared; but they become increasingly unfamiliar as they move into Teatime, Happy Hour, Potlucks, and Desserts. Some recipes rely on fairly exotic ingredients, such as organic edible flowers; others are based on raw nuts, unusual grains, or too- specific types of breads or toppings. Most recipes will not be difficult to assemble (although some will take an inordinate amount of effort), but these ingredients are probably not standard fare for most pantries; further, because they span the globe, they incorporate ingredients from many different food ways, which is lovely for variety but difficult to shop for. They are extremely elegant, even gourmet, and certainly a gift to anyone you serve, but impractical for families or anyone in a time crunch or on a budget.

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