New Englanders will certainly enjoy Fresh Fish more than cooks elsewhere, nevertheless Jennifer Trainer Thompson created a superb cookbook on fish and seafood. This is more than a cookbook; it is filled with local history from the Pilgrims on, plenty of good food information on fish and other foods (cleaning and grilling fish, buying guide, cleaning clams, shucking oysters, sea salt and so on). The recipes are very good, laid out well with good instructions. Many of them are not for quick everyday cooking but the author provided simpler recipes as well. Most cooks would have liked to find some general cooking instruction on fish/seafood for a busy-day simple dinner plan. Many recipes contain unusual preparations (frizzled leeks, pistachio crust), or hard-to-find ingredients (chouriço, blood oranges) but generally you’ll have no problem on your shopping trips. The book is filled with gorgeous photos, many little tidbits on local history and foods, quotes and little bit of author’s life history. Recipe head notes are worth reading. We also have many useful cooking instructions like lobster-clambake step-by-step, complete with photos. This trade paperback cookbook is complete with sides, cocktails and sweet endings. The index is excellent and well cross-referenced.

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