Whether you are looking for quick weeknight meals, snacks, or something more substantial to impress the weekend guests, Giada’s Italy has you covered. It’s not only full of mouth-watering recipes, it also has a cozy, intimate family feel to it. The beautiful photographs of food and the author with her daughter made me think that this book was put together with a sense of love and joy, which shines through every page.

The recipes range from simple to a little more time consuming, hence the focus on weekend cooking when there is more time for creating savory meals for the whole family. One of my favorites was pan-seared salmon with artichokes and white wine, which to me takes a piece of cooked salmon to an entirely new level. I also liked the Positano pizza, because who wouldn’t love a mini pizza in the shape of a heart, and the savory crostata, which makes a great snack or a meal depending on your preference.

On top of the wonderful variety of recipes, I enjoyed the information the author provided about Italian life and culture. I think this book gives one the possibility of incorporating a little of that Italian flare into mealtimes without having to go all the way to Italy. So let this cookbook put a smile on your face and inspire you to whip up something fun and flavorful.

Reviewed By: Susan Miller

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