The author of this recipe book, Carol Fenster, found a cooking niche that many cooks will appreciate: small-batch cooking. She is also a gluten-free cook; thus Gluten-Free Cooking for Two has a double niche, giving you one-hundred-and-twenty-five very nice recipes from breakfast through desserts. A large number of households consist of one or two only, but cookbook recipes are generally for four or more servings. In the introduction, Fenster discusses ingredients and kitchen equipment as well as how to buy small quantities at the market. Another useful section she includes is a long list of brands she used in her recipe testing. Fenster’s recipes are very good–many are based on an international repertoire as well as on traditional fare. Instructions are good, and ingredients are readily available. Each recipe has a nice head note, prep and cooking times, and nutritional information. Everything is two servings (a few less), even for such items as meat loaf, pizza, stews, and soups. If you are cooking for two, no leftovers will crowd the refrigerator or freezer space. The only fault is the recipe layout as many inconveniently flip to overleaf pages. The photo illustrations are nice, and the index is cross-referenced.

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