If you are a novice cook, Gluten-Free Small Bites by Nicole Hunn is not going to be an easy cookbook for you. Hunn presents a large collection of gluten-free recipes in eight different categories, but they all have one thing in common: they’re small, bite-sized nuggets, including a full dinner of lemon-sized goodies. Even mac and cheese is miniaturized in little muffin cups. These are not easy recipes. In fact, some are rather fiddly and time-consuming to prepare (e.g. phyllo dough, chicken and waffles, onion rings, pirogi). You will certainly labor over her Petit Fours, written for advanced cooks. There are a few easier recipes but not many. The ingredients are readily available, and recipes are fresh and original, well-written and easy to follow. Many are deep-fried or baked and illustrated with beautiful professional photos. Hunn gives good make-ahead options and other useful tips. Her recipe head notes are nice. In the introduction, she gives us five gluten-free bread mixes (like bread flour and pastry flour mixes). Recipe layout could be better as some recipe instructions are split to overleaf pages. These are not a serious inconvenience in your preparation. The index is nicely cross-referenced and complete.

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