It is unfortunate that a good cookbook editor didn’t edit Good to Glow–it would’ve improved considerably. The book has many faults. Authors Tali Shine and Steph Adams had young health-conscious women cooks in mind when writing this cookbook. Their idea was to provide healthy recipes that are easy to prepare and that make the diners’ skin glow. They introduce the book with each of their principles (e.g. no gluten, no wheat germ, bathe in Epsom salt, use detoxing oils). Many of the recipes were written by the authors, and the remainder were collected from others (yoga teachers, celebrity chefs, fashion illustrators, models, etc.). Too bad the recipes from different sources were not edited for uniformity. But many have serious faults. They don’t follow the standard recipe writing convention (ingredients to be listed in order of use), some of the chefs’ recipes are written for professionals, and the average home cook would have problems with them. Some ingredients are ambiguous (one package strawberries), some you’ll have problems finding (xylitol, Super Elixir), and no substitutes are given. Some even have glaring errors. The book is filled with beautiful professional illustrations. The index is poor—some recipes you cannot find in the index.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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