Happy Hens and Fresh Eggs is not just a cookbook. It’s also a chicken owner’s handbook, walking first-time chicken owners and veteran egg collectors alike through a year of chicken care, season by season. Author Signe Langford’s knowledge of all things chicken care and egg cooking shows through spectacularly in this clever hybrid book.

The book is broken into sections by season and includes chicken care advice and some of the best recipes to try with your fresh eggs for each time of the year. When spring rolls around, Langford walks chicken owners through how to clip their wings so they can be let out in the yard to make a snack of all the bugs hiding in the lawn without flying onto the roof. While the chickens are out of the coop, you can clean out their laying boxes—the droppings and straw make the perfect mulch for a summer garden. And once the dirty work is done, you can wash up and head to the kitchen with your haul of eggs and take your pick of delicious spring dishes: creamy shirred eggs with melted gouda, cinnamon-vanilla baked custard, maple-chipotle Ontario pecans, raspberry-rose gin flip, and so many more.

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