Katriona MacGregor has written an excellent (eBook format) cookbook, Healthy Speedy Suppers; however, it’s not without fault. The most glaring ones are typos and even grammatical errors you quickly spot on the first few pages. MacGregor is British, and American cooks will be inconvenienced by American measurements converted from metric — in many measurements the metric is whole number but in the converted units you are dealing with fractions. Since the author has thyroid condition, she tries to use little wheat, cow’s milk, fat, refined carbohydrates and sugar. She promises that no recipe takes more than forty minutes to prepare and she clearly indicates (and color-codes) total time with each recipe. For the average home cook, these times are very conservative; they do not include peeling, chopping, dicing, grating etc. We can safely double these times. She also underestimates such times as sautéing, frying, reducing liquids, presumably tested on powerful professional ranges. Again, doubling the times is reasonable. The recipes are original and excellent, well written with good recipe head notes. Most ingredients are easy to find but for some you will be searching (vacuum-packed chestnuts, wild garlic leaves). The numerous photo illustrations are great.

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