The main reason to buy cookbooks is to get new recipes that one can try and enjoy. The first criterion is that readers can make the intended dish. If the recipes are not duplicated or contain ingredients that the reader does not consume, then the book’s utility increases. If those recipes are from faraway lands or provide a health benefit, so much the better. This book contains original recipes that promote healthy living and are quick and straightforward to prepare for the average reader.

After a long introduction, the recipes start with the breakfast category. Categories include snacks, three main sections (vegetable, seafood, and meat and poultry), sides, soups, and desserts. The recipes are clearly laid out and coded to help readers determine, at a glance, which (health) category the recipe fulfills. Unfortunately, not all recipes have a picture of the finished product (useful for those making the dish for the first time). Nutrition labels for each recipe would be helpful for those readers combining these recipes with other diets, as would preparation time.

Overall, the book is useful for those looking for a change from everyday recipes, but looking for dishes that are delicious and slant towards the healthy side. It is geared towards readers who like to cook, but need simple and quick recipes with ingredients that can be found in most supermarkets.

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