Millions of people have jumped on the Keto diet wagon. The big problem is Americans love certain foods that are high in carbohydrates, the big no-no of the Keto diet. How to be successful on the Keto diet without feeling incredibly deprived is a question many try to answer. Bobby and Dessi Parrish have put together a wonderful new cookbook with one-hundred-and-twenty-five recipes that are low-carb and tasty AND have the added bonus of being designed for batch cooking, allowing people to make enough food for several meals. You don’t have to cook every day. Ten recipe sections include Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bakey!, Pasta la Vista, Baby!, The Sacrificial Lamb, and more. Humor helps make everything more palatable. Clever and creative replacements make it possible for people to eat delicious, satisfying meals while sticking to the Keto diet. Don’t miss the Buttery Cheddar Biscuits or the Pesto Pasta with Spice-crusted Chicken. All instructions are clearly written with information on where to get the ingredients at reasonable prices with breakdowns on the calories and grams of carbs, fat, fiber, etc. Recipes are also accompanied by gorgeous, close-up photos of completed dishes. This is a real winner.

Reviewed By: Rosi Hollinbeck

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