It isn’t often one buys a cookbook and ends up wanting to keep it on the coffee table with other beautiful art books, but this cookbook just might end up there. It is visually stunning, filled with spectacular photos by Martin Löf of the place and the food created there by author Helene Henderson. The writing is interesting, fun, and very conversational. It’s like having a great visit with your favorite sister — you know, the one who can pick a couple of things out of the cupboard or fridge or backyard garden and whip up a feast. Rather than being arranged by meals or courses, as most cookbooks are, this is arranged as if taking a walk around the farm — from the chicken coop to dairy to the vineyard to the beach and more. Recipes are inventive (Broccimole or Broccoli Guacamole), fun to read (Honey-Basil Lemonade), and easy to follow (Goat Cheese). The crispiest roast chicken ever (20/20/20 Chicken) has only two ingredients. With fresh, mostly organic ingredients, these dishes are healthy and delicious, even the desserts (Rosemary Whole Wheat Olive Oil Cake).

This is a terrific cookbook and coffee table book.


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