There are several cookbooks available today, but this one distinguishes itself by focusing on health and leveraging models to share their stories and eating habits. The result is a book of recipes, arranged by a model, and a mélange of diet fads in vogue today. The book starts with a discussion on healthy foods, focusing on fresh and healthy choices. It asserts that once the focus is on health, the need to limit carbs, count calories, or other such activity is not needed. After that come the recipes, about ten for each model.

Each recipe is accompanied by a picture of the finished product, which is great for comparing how the dish should look when it is served. Most of the recipes are very simple; a person with average culinary skills can easily prepare them. Some of the recipes are so simple that they should be regarded as starting recipes that readers can embellish according to their culinary preferences. There isn’t a nutritional breakdown accompanying any of the recipes; to appeal to a wider audience, such recipes should include it. The recipes — to be stunning — need additional reader modification. Lack of nutritional labels may pose challenges for some readers, especially those with certain disorders. The book is targeted towards the general audience, and assumes that readers know little about cooking.

Reviewed By: Muhammed Hassanali

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