“Clean” eating is all the rage these days, but many people have no idea how to get started, while others just need more ideas for how to best utilize the fresh produce and whole grains that make up part of a healthy diet. Allyson Kramer has tons of new ideas in her cookbook Naturally Lean. Every single recipe in this book is both gluten-free and completely plant-based (vegan), and many are completely oil-free as well. Readers will be encouraged to try all kinds of new grains and vegetables, and they’ll find ideas for what to do with old favorites as well. The recipes are divided up by primary ingredient: Greens & Crucifers, Hearty Grains, Fabulous Fruits, etc. Readers will love trying recipes like Sweet Mustard-Glazed Rapini, Cinnamon Plum Streusel, White Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Bites, and Carrot Rutabaga Butternut Bisque. All of the recipes are simple to follow; most of the ingredients can be sourced from a well-stocked grocery store, and the index makes it easy to find recipes based on what’s currently in the fridge.

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