Combine culinary science, cooking and art and you come up with a book like Pasta, Pretty Please. Linda Miller Nicholson created a beautiful cookbook fit to be part of a coffee table collection. This pasta making cookbook is not for the casual cook but rather for those dedicated to homemade pasta. A pasta machine is essential (though you can make pasta without it but with difficulty). The recipes are for advanced cooks and professionals; even though they are not difficult, they are time consuming. Some of the pastas in the chapter Advanced Pasta Sheeting Techniques are not only quite time-consuming but difficult. The results are spectacular combining different colored pastas to come up with amazing results (polka-dot farfalle; argyle lasagna sheets; emoji ravioloni). Then come a large number of sauces from relatively easy to time consuming. Nicholson uses various natural coloring agents to create a full twenty-five different basic colored dough. As a home cook, you don’t need that many different colors, but you do need to make at least several to achieve the results. Some step-by-step photos help to visualize the process. Beautiful professional color photos give an added touch.

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Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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