This beautifully illustrated and expensively produced cookbook, Perfect Paleo, seems like a nice addition to the library of Paleo cooks. Rosa Rigby didn’t write this for the beginner cooks, and even the intermediate home cooks will be challenged. Most of the recipes are complex and time consuming, sometimes preparing three, even four preparations before the final step. The layout is good and instructions are easy to follow but in places ambiguous, even with errors that would be catastrophic unless you read the recipe all the way through. This is a British cookbook, but the ingredients are also given in American standards. Yet British terminology is confusing to us as well as inconvenient (like having three measurements for oven temperature settings). American cooks will scratch their heads when attempting to find some British (?) ingredients (Sweet Freedom syrup, skinless undyed smoked haddock). Another inconvenience is sporadic page numbers. For whatever reasons, many page numbers are missing. Rigby gives a nice introduction on Paleo cooking, yet in some recipes refers back to a Paleo ingredient whose information is missing (e.g. using Paleo milk of choice). The recipes are nice, and the index is perfect, yet American cooks are better off with another Paleo cookbook written for Americans.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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