Posh indeed! Posh Rice by Emily Kidd begins with descriptions of twenty different kinds of rice from all around the world. The remainder of the book is how to make Salads/Bowls, Soups/Snacks, Supper Dishes, Side Dishes, and Desserts/Treats using one of the twenty varieties of rice for a range of flavors and textures. Not to be left out is the wonderful use of spices for each dish. Virtually most of the world is represented, from regional areas in North America to Mexico, Thailand, China, Japan, Lebanon, the Middle East, South Africa, West Africa, Spain, and India, to name a few. The genius of this cookbook is that the author uses different kinds of rice rather than exotic spices as the foundation of the recipes. You would not make pudding from wild rice or stuffing with sushi rice, for example. There are very few spices that are not common, and even those are usually available. The recipes are very approachable, and the directions are clear and concise. The book itself is well bound with a full color picture for each recipe and with overly thick and highly finished pages (a splatter would probably wipe off). There is a brief description of the origin of the dish, but mostly it is just a delight to cook a dish from another country, taste the subtle and bold flavors and appreciate the diversity of Posh Rice.

Reviewed By: Ralph Peterson

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