Classifying this book as a cookbook does not do its scope justice. In addition to recipes, about a third of the book is devoted to offering advice for party themes, preparing party favors, decor, guest books, and other party related accessories. There are pages devoted to specific celebrations (with personal anecdotes).

The recipes themselves include appetizers, salads, party trays, lots of desserts, and lots of (primarily adult) beverages. The recipes are very simple, and most focus on assembly and presentation (rather than the actual cooking or baking). There is even one section devoted to preparing a party tray for guests to assemble their own sandwiches (called sammies).

This book tries to cover a lot of ground and (rightly so) starts with the basics. However as its scope is so broad, it cannot cover any one area in depth (detracting from its potential utility). The book is crammed with several color pictures distributed throughout the book – in some cases, a double page is devoted to only pictures. While some of the pictures are useful as they depict what the final product should look like, others adorn the book’s pages. The book is full of good ideas and serves as a good template for future books that delve deeper into each of the main themes covered here.

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