Simple Cake by Odette Williams is a pretty simple cookbook. It consists of nine basic cake recipes as well as a recipe for meringue. You can easily change up the variations by adding different toppings or frostings to the cake. I made “Williams’ Chocolatey Chocolate Cake” with the added variation of the coffee to enhance the chocolate flavor. I also made the cherry compote and served it on the side of the cake. The recipe was very straightforward and easy to follow. However, her instructions were wrong in regard to the cooking time of the cake. Instead of the suggested 25-30 minutes to cook my 9X13-inch cake, my cake needed to bake for 40 minutes. Strangely, her recipe was pretty similar to one that I found on, and many reviewers on there said they needed 40 minutes to bake their cake as well. I recommend this book to novice cake-bakers like myself, but if you are looking for cake recipes beyond the basic cakes, I suggest you look for another cake book.

Reviewed By: Helen Vernier

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