By combining the classic ease and comfort of the appliance with the modern sensibility of today’s tastes, this cookbook reminds us that, for those looking for an easy, stress-free way to a hearty dish, the slow-cooker never really goes out of style. This is not a book full of ‘healthy’ recipes; delicious slow-cooker recipes require fats and lots of seasoning, and these recipes are written for taste. The first section, Dips, employs pounds of melty, smooth cream cheese as bases for party indulgences such as Creamy Garlic Dip, Caramelized Onion Dip, and Maryland Crab Dip. But bring any of these and you are guaranteed to be the star of the party buffet. Of course main dishes are well represented, so you can have a ready meal after a long day’s work, but appetizers, sides, and even desserts and drinks can be made in the slow cooker. The recipes are fantastic; even better, the book is full of beautiful, artistic photos that plate several recipes together, giving you a visual meal suggestion guide. Shi also has excellent suggestions for when and why (and how) to best use this appliance–this book will make you wish you had two or three!

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