It is uncertain what readership Ken Kawasumi envisioned for his book Sushi Art Cookbook. Professional sushi chefs or advanced home cooks? He states that his creations have “intricate details that require particular techniques.” Home cooks proficient in making sushi rolls with ease may attempt some of Kawasumi’s beautiful rolls, but they should be warned that they need to be artistic and allow plenty of time to create one of the recipes. Not many sushi chefs would benefit from this cookbook as even for professionals, these techniques are quite time consuming–something few sushi restaurants are able to afford. Nevertheless, this is a very beautiful cookbook produced on heavy, glossy paper stock with hundreds of thumbnail photos, many of which are part of a series of step-by-step instructions. Kawasumi is a professional, and his goal is to “amaze and delight my customers.” He lists four different sushi rices for different types of sushis. His creations are awesome, his instructions excellent, but should you be attempting some of his recipes, make sure a well-stocked Japanese market is available for you—many ingredients are impossible to find otherwise. Kawasumi starts with easier rolls and works his way to very complex, highly intricate recipes, finishing his last chapter with artistic sashimi creations.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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