If you are a beginner cook, don’t read any further–Sweet, Savory & Free is not for you. The long list of ingredients in most recipes will quickly discourage you. But if you are at least an intermediate cook and suffering from any food allergy, Debbie Adler’s cookbook is an excellent choice in your kitchen library. The word “free” in the title is a bit misleading–the recipes are not “free” but were written to be free of any of the top eight food allergens: dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, shellfish, fish, and soy. This is an excellent customized cookbook with clear, well-written recipes, good instructions, and good recipe layouts with the cook’s convenience in mind. Each recipe has a nice headnote and complete nutritional information. The professional photo illustrations are beautiful. The recipes are drawn from an international culinary repertoire, but don’t expect simple, quick cooking. Most are involved, with many ingredients and several preparations. For example, for the lentil enchilada, you need to prepare a cheese sauce, an enchilada sauce, and the filling before assembly. Recipe ingredients are readily available in health food stores. Expect recipes like Cannellini Cupcakes with Whipped Parsnips or Palak Paneer.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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