Mexican food is extremely popular in this country, but as one travels around, it becomes apparent that different areas have appropriated these tasty recipes and changed them to suit the area. Texas has its own brand of Mexican food referred to as TexMex, and it is good, good, good, incorporating spices, chili peppers, lots of cheese, and a great deal of frying. The introductory pages cover the writers and their backgrounds, what is meant by TexMex, and what you need to have in your chochina. They also include a glossary of chilis. This is followed by eight sections of recipes for everything from breakfast dishes to seafood to desserts and drinks. But the mouthwatering photographs of the dishes and the fun graphic design help to make this cookbook irresistible. The Ox Eyes recipe will make your weekend breakfasts unforgettable and the delicious Mole Poblano Sauce is equally memorable. Each recipe has an introductory paragraph that is a story of the author’s history with the recipe, followed by all the information necessary to successfully create it. The writing is lively, the dishes are spectacular, and the whole package will make cooking up a TexMex storm a lot of fun.

Reviewed By: Rosi Hollinbeck

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