You open the first page and up pops a picture of a folded hamburger like in children’s pop-up books. That’s your first clue that you are dealing with a highly unusual production of a cookbook in Burger Lab. In fact, it’s an awesome book by the restaurateur Daniel Wilson. Illustrations, mainly uniquely styled photos but also sketches, are so remarkable that this book should be on display to be admired. The text and recipes are equal matches in excellence. Wilson’s Table of Contents is just as unique: the book’s contents are given in the form of the periodic table. Wilson discusses the main burger ingredients in detail, and these are very good with choices for your preference. His recipes are good and varied, with nice head notes and perfect recipe layout. But beware! These are Australian units, where the standard cup measure is twenty tablespoons, not the American sixteen. It’s best to use weights given in the recipes to be accurate. Wilson includes incidental recipes as well, like milk shakes, burger condiments, and of course the perfect home-baked buns and fries. And he also suggests choices of beer as accompaniment. He even has sketches in eight steps of how to eat a burger.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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