An essential cookbook for couples that appreciate modern food pairings and new exciting recipes. The Couples Cookbook: Recipes for Newlyweds is an ideal cookbook for any couple looking to explore the joy of cooking together. With recipes that tackle the common question of, what’s for dinner by elevating everyday classics into elegant masterpieces, all while introducing show-stopping new recipes. Whether you have been cooking for years, just starting, or timid to jump in the kitchen, this cookbook lends all the tools of success complete with tips for everyone. With Sections to calm and inspire, to stocking and organizing a pantry, Cole and Kiera Stipovich knows just how to get couples cooking with confidence. With breakfast that makes you want to stay in and dinners that create picture-worthy table settings, this book is a celebration of food and being together. While some recipes might have ingredients that aren’t as familiar to new home chiefs, they are easy to follow and delicious. Although centered around newlyweds, these recipes pair just as well for any couple, by encouraging them to connect with family and friends around the table, making this a cookbook that is worth returning to over and over.

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