For vegans who enjoy the convenience of Instant Pot, The Essential Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook is an excellent choice. But instant it is not. This kitchen appliance, a programable electric pressure cooker is a modern version of the stove-top variety. To bring it to pressure, you wait for five to fifteen minutes then at the end of cooking a similar waiting time until it naturally releases the pressure. Author Coco Morante has assembled a large variety of recipes, veganizing many from American comfort foods through international favorites for every part of the meal. It is an omission that she doesn’t feature a large photograph of the Instant Pot in the first few pages for new users to show what it looks like with its multitude of buttons and controls. She also overuses the appliance: cooking pasta, for example, takes well over twice the time than traditional stove-top cooking, as does cooking rice, dry legumes or vegetable steaming. But the recipes are good, well-written, easy to follow, with good headnotes. Most are rather complex, not for novice cooks. If you already own a pressure cooker, you can still use Morante’s recipes. With the exception of a few recipes, the layout is good and convenient.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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