Full revelation: I cook and eat primarily at home and have dropped thirty pounds on a rather casual Keto regimen. On a Keto diet, boredom can become an inhibiting factor. This book offers a most promising counter to that boredom. In standard “keto” practice, there are widely available lists of permitted and non-permitted foods. All too often introducing variety can mean recipes so elaborate or time-consuming that the practitioner is thrown back on boring and quick. The core of this book’s value is meal prep. Recipes that can be prepared in advance, in quantities that lend themselves to being saved and served over days, rather than for just single meals, make for real-world time-saving.

In too many cookbooks, ingredients seem to be presented to show off authors’ vast ingredient experience. Not so here. While I encountered things I don’t yet have in my own kitchen, none of them seem too forbidding or expensive. Any Keto follower stocks coconut oil. So what if Lemon Fat Bombs call for butter-flavored coconut oil as well?

Three hundred recipes, and a two-week menu plan! An index that works! Straightforward instructions! Buy this and prosper!!

Reviewed By: David Lloyd Sutton

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Originally posted at – https://sanfranciscobookreview.com/product/the-everything-keto-diet-meal-prep-cookbook/

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