There is no official list of superfoods, as any food is both beneficial and harmful to us. While this book contains recipes, it is intended to be more of a reference book than a cookbook. It is divided into six parts. With the exception of Part 2, each part contains one or two chapters that support Part 2. Part 1 (two chapters) introduces the concept of superfoods and its history. Part 2 contains twenty chapters, with each chapter devoted to a superfood. The remaining four parts focus on health and beauty, home remedies, fitness and health, and read more like additional areas to explore.

Each chapter in Part 2 focuses on one superfood and starts with an introduction followed by that food’s history and nutritional content. This is followed by the food’s health benefits and a relevant recipe. The chapters contain facts integrated with personal stories, which highlight the superfood’s benefits (potentially skewing the readers’ perception).

The number of personal anecdotes detracts from the factual content in the chapters. The information presented in this book could be condensed, which perhaps would have allowed for a more balanced discussion of the superfoods selected. As it stands now, it could do a better job as a recipe book, and a reference source.

Reviewed By: Muhammed Hassanali

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