What better way to get kids interested in healthy eating than to get them into the kitchen? Ruby Roth, who has written and illustrated a number of other books for kids, has created an amazing children’s cookbook with The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids. Unlike so many other cookbooks that seem to rely on processed ingredients and an abundance of sweet treats, this cookbook seeks to get kids interested in real food; these recipes are packed full of fresh fruits and veggies, “superfoods,” whole grains, and nuts. Kids can make five-minute tomato sauce to use on pasta or pizza, Broc-O-Tree Bisque (a delicious — and green — broccoli soup), a variety of salads, and yes, even desserts like No-Bake Chocoballs or No-Bake Coconut Grass Shacks. Many of the recipes do require some adult assistance, but much of the work can be done by the kids themselves, giving them pride in a job well done and inspiring them to try some new foods. Every recipe in this book is also completely plant-based, and parents will love seeing their kids trying new produce as a result. Young readers can easily understand the instructions, and they’ll love the factoids about ingredients and the environment. On top of all this, the book is extremely visually appealing; kids and parents alike will love Roth’s illustrations!

Reviewed By: Holly Scudero

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