The authors of this vegan cookbook “want to share tantalizing recipes” for vegan cooks. Victoria Moran and JL Fields assembled a large collection of vegan recipes in The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook. Many of the recipes are their own but most are from other vegan cooks. Most cooks who provided recipes have VLCE designations next to their names, meaning Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators, certifying their training. Although the recipes are vastly different in style, the authors edited them for uniformity; thus all are practical for the home cook. They are good vegan recipes varying in degrees of difficulties from simple basic banana bread to one named “Death-Defying Garbanzos and Greens.” Some contributors only use processed, packaged, or canned ingredients; others prefer pure scratch cooking. Most ingredients in the recipes are readily available, but a health food store source is essential. The text has also added sidebars called “Coaching Corner” with good information, and there are also “Notes” and “Gluten-Free Options.” Interspersed short essays are good and cover a variety of topics (“Vegan ‘Eggs’ for Baking and Binding,” “To Make Hazelnut Milk and Meal”). The recipe layout is good, and only longer recipes spill to overleaf pages. The index is nicely cross referenced.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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