This cookbook is incredibly beautiful with its gorgeous, matte photos of a dizzying variety of cakes and breads made in Bundt pans. Bundt pans are made in a dazzling range of styles, from plain to intricately fancy, and these photos showcase how beautiful your recipes can be when made in one of these iconic pans. There are many recipes included for molded desserts — both cooked and uncooked — such as flan or various gelatin molds; however, most of the recipes in this book are for breads, quick breads, and cakes. This is, of course, where Bundt pan recipes really shine, whether it is for a classic like chocolate, vanilla, or maybe red velvet, or for something a little showier, like Raspberry Sorbet Stuffed Pound Cake. Some recipes, such as the pull-apart breads, are made with refrigerated or frozen pre-made dough; others are gluten-free; some are a little more complicated to assemble (although not to make), but most will be fairly simple for most bakers, although the results will be anything but! These recipes can be made in any pan, of course; but baking them in a Bundt pan is all part of the fun!

Reviewed By: Gretchen Wagner

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