For cooks who are into macrobiotic cooking, Alex Jack and Sachi Kato’s cookbook One Peaceful World Cookbook is a great choice, with over one hundred-and-fifty macrobiotic/vegan recipes. Most recipes feature Japanese-style cooking and ingredients, but the authors also include other Asian selections. The recipes are all based on whole-food ingredients and insist on seven qualities: natural, organic, seasonal, ecological, unprocessed, locally grown, and sustainable. The results will be fresh, tasty, beautiful, balanced, and promote life energy (ki). Using the principle of a macrobiotic diet, the ingredients emphasize cereal grains. The recipes are well written, laid out well, and easy to follow. Many are easy to make, but some will be time consuming (sushi, spring rolls, chickpea croquettes) beyond the neophyte cook’s skill and patience. The authors use a pressure cooker in many recipes; make sure you own one before using this cookbook. The recipe headnotes are brief but informative, and the chef’s tips and variations are useful. The authors give an extensive introduction to macrobiotic cooking that you must read if you are new to this dietary style. You must have a well-stocked Asian market available to you, and even then, you’ll have problems finding many ingredients (Hokkaido soybeans, kinako, hato).

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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