Kim Campbell’s collection of wonderful vegan recipes in The PlantPure Kitchen is impressive. Many appear to be original and fresh, and with this cookbook your vegan kitchen may be complete. If possible, purchase it in hardback edition for long-term durability. Campbell starts with the essentials: plant-based pantry items and plant-based substitutes for eggs, dairy, and meat, for which she gives a wide range of choices, including gluten-free options. In addition to recipes, she has short treatises on many useful subjects such as ancient grains, breads and smoothies, if you should avoid soy products, and how to be salt-free. Most recipes have a short bit of additional information under “Kim’s Hint”—these are good. This recipe book is not exactly for the beginner, who may be intimidated by the often long list of ingredients, yet they are not hard to make and are rewarding. She includes prep times (they seem reasonable for the average cook). Her head notes are good and so is recipe layout (all recipes are on a single page). Ingredients are easy to find in a local market well stocked with vegetarian ingredients. Many recipes are illustrated with good color photos. She even has a section on vegan holiday recipes.

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