With The Pumpkin Cookbook, you introduce a new, rarely used ingredient to your repertoire. As author Deedee Stovel points out, pumpkin is widely used in the kitchen but once or twice a year, during the holiday season. In this cookbook, she opens a new welcome dimension to cooking with pumpkin, and incorporates it into virtually every type of dish, from starters to beverages to desserts. Her cookbook is excellent, with awesome photographs to illustrate it. She explains the use of pumpkin in cooking (having six different cooking methods to choose from) in great detail, using fresh or unsweetened canned pumpkin. She offers many good ideas for using pumpkin (e.g. using baked mini pumpkins cut in half as serving containers), and nearly every one of her many recipes uses either fresh or canned pumpkin or, if unsuitable, toasted pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds) or pumpkin seed oil. Stovel includes many sidebars, some about our holiday traditions or Jack-O’-Lantern legends and pumpkin festivals. She summarizes recipes you can choose from for Thanksgiving on a single page. Side and main dishes, and all sorts of quick breads and desserts are listed in easy and good, well-written recipes.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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