This unusual cookbook, The Recipe Hacker Confidential, emphasizes healthy cooking and eating, but it seems author Diana Keuilian’s primary goal is your weight loss, as this is what she keeps repeating often. The cookbook is a departure from conventional cooking, as Keuilian’s first premise is a complete overhauling of your kitchen: discard all foods containing gluten, grains, dairy, soy, and refined sugar. Needless to say, your food expenses will increase a lot. But unlike other health-oriented cookbooks, here you may retain ingredients others would shun, like bacon, chorizo, and pepperoni, to mention a few. This is a nicely produced cookbook with pretty professional food photos illustrating many of the huge number of recipes. The author gives preparation and cooking times. For many recipes this is reasonable, but for equally as many they are far too short, as chopping, dicing, and mincing are not included and neither are various separate preparations called for and given elsewhere. Some ingredients will be hard to find (Zevia Cola) but most are readily available. Recipe instruction steps are good and easy to follow, but for many recipes you’ll be in the kitchen for a while. Quick Tips with recipes are useful. The index is very good.

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