It is no easy task to cook for one, but this wonderful cookbook can make it both fun and doable. The introductory section tells one how to set up the kitchen and pantry to make the perfect working conditions for the single life. In addition, there is a list of great tips that will make it possible to cook for one without having failures or wasted ingredients or leftovers to eat for a week. There are one hundred and seventy-five recipes broken into seven chapters: “Breakfast,” “Side Dishes,” “Chicken Main Dishes,” “Pork and Beef Main Dishes,” “Fish and Seafood Main Dishes,” “Vegetarian Main Dishes,” and “Desserts.” The variety is great. If you like Indian food, don’t miss the butter chicken. Pasta with pork ragu will satisfy your need for Italian, and shrimp quesadilla will answer those Mexican cravings. The recipes are all easy to follow and include prep and cooking time as well as calories, fat, protein, sodium, fiber, carbohydrate, and sugar information. An excellent index and a metric conversion chart finish all this off. Make sure you try the recipes for the mushroom and herb crust-less quiche or the lemon Bars. Tres magnifique!


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