These are supposed to be “simple and in the main quick to prepare.” After a careful read, some shopping and some experimentation, I must differ. (Deferentially, because this author is obviously a more experienced cook than I, and must have more time to cook.)

This is a recipe book, not a cookbook, not an instructional book, and while it does follow sound rules for lower carbohydrate and lower glycemic index formulations, it does not, from my limited tries, seem to do much for “tasty.” Carbs are listed, but not calories, though fat seems to be evaded. Not Atkins. Particularly vexing is the pantheon of ingredients proposed. I live in a wealthy, multi-ethnic city and was able to find some of the elevated viands suggested. However, Holloumi Cheese, Garam masala, Sarissa paste, Kaffir lime leaves, Thai Lom yam paste, all escaped my foraging. I did grub out fennel bulbs, Portobello mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, and a few other common things. Frenchified low fat (tasteless) sour cream was hard to find, and I resorted to a TJ’s offering. Not buying that again!

It would be costly and daunting to keep up on ingredients, though fascinating.

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