Bryant Terry is a chef, an activist, and an educator, and he has long made it his mission to bring his own unique vision of vegetable-based cooking to the masses through his shows, documentaries, and books. His newest offering is Vegetable Kingdom: The Abundant World of Vegan Recipes, and it’s an outstanding addition to any home cook’s library, vegan or not. Terry has divided the book up by ingredient, allowing readers to find ideas based not just on what’s in season but also by what’s actually available in their nearby stores, markets, and farms. Many of the recipes build on one another; readers will learn some versatile basics that can be used to create more complex dishes further down the road. Terry definitely does not rely on meat substitutes but instead mixes flavors and spices to create unique dishes that will satisfy even the most critical eaters. This is not an easy cookbook, and it’ll take time and effort to master the recipes within, not to mention a bit of money and a well-stocked pantry, but anyone who is looking to expand their palate and their cooking abilities would do well to give this book a try.

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