Here we have a collection of thirty highly unusual, original recipes in a small hardcover cookbook, Twisted, selected from the online food channel of the same name. Although supposedly easy recipes, they are not. The Team Twisted uses three designations of difficulty: “Eyes Closed,” “Painless,” and “Sweating a Bit.” Even recipes of the easiest designation will take you an hour or longer kitchen time, and if you are successful, the results are spectacular. But the instructions are not easy to follow; some are ambiguous, and with the writers’ frequent use of slang and twisted humor, the ambiguities are exacerbated. Since this is a British book, ingredient units are given both in metric and American (an inconvenience for us), but some ingredients will be tough to find in our markets (Leicester cheese, brioche burger buns, and so on). The ingredient quantities are also ambiguous in some cases (e.g. twelve sausages but no size given). Though some instruction steps may be uncertain, the beautiful professional photo illustrations accompanying each recipe will help. Yet these are for more advanced cooks. From the familiar (Philly cheesesteak, potato nachos) to the really twisted (Guinness beer can chicken), you will find a recipe collection to challenge your kitchen skills. The index is brief but nicely cross-referenced.

Reviewed By: George Erdosh

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